Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hutchmoot 2013 -- A Time to be Playful

In 2012, my 62-year journey to find "home" was finally over when I walked through the doors of Redeemer Church to attend Hutchmoot. I found true family there.

This year as I returned to Redeemer Church, it was a grand homecoming. The year since Hutchmoot 2012 was spent nurturing friendships and welcoming new ones. It was a year of sharing struggles and successes, seeking and giving forgiveness, digging into good books, listening to great music, and falling deeper in love with my Hutchmoot family.

It was no surprise that I would partake generously of the hug fest awaiting. Living alone creates a famine of affectionate hugs, so even though I arrived empty my heart was filled to overflowing by the time I left on my journey back home to Kentucky.

It's been over a month since Hutchmoot and I'm still glowing from the warmth of love and affirmation. Hutchmoot 2013 was one of the memorable times in my life when I've felt so completely and deeply loved.

The big surprise came on Sunday afternoon during Art Moot. When the event was announced, I almost convinced myself not to go because I have never been able to draw anything freehand, not even simple stick figures. But I was good at coloring inside the lines so I thought perhaps I could contribute something.

One of the first instructions was "Do not just color." Oops!

I had almost finished drawing on my tile when the realization of what it feels like to be a child washed over me like a gentle wave. For the very first time in my life, I discovered freedom in the midst of love to create something without hearing "You can't do that!" or "You're not good enough." No one made fun of each other; everyone had fun, including me.

It was the first time I've felt that level of freedom to be exactly who I am without holding back, without feeling like I'm either too much or not good enough, without hearing negative messages (internally and externally) that create fear and doubt.

I found:
Freedom to love and be loved.
Freedom to laugh and play.
Freedom to cry and grieve.
Freedom to fail and thrive.
Freedom to be a child in the Kingdom.

Thank you. I am so very grateful!


Andrew Peterson said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Brenda! (Not Barbara...)

Brenda Branson said...

AP, hahahaha!